The translation agency Rushiti offers you sworn document translations from and into the languages that you can find in the rubric LANGUAGES of our website.

Can every translator propose sworn translation?

No, a legal document translation can exclusively be done by a sworn translator. Sworn translators have to present a proof of their translation skills as they become sworn by trials in the form of a translation diploma or equal attestation.

How is a text certified by a sworn translator?

In the mention of its certification the sworn translator confirm the authenticity of the translation with a certification phrase, his signature and his seal (oft a round seal).On this seal have to be seen the name of the translator, the language for which he is sworn, and the court before which he sworn in.
If you want to use your certified translations abroad, the certification need often to be notarized or authenticated (Apostille) by the Land court (President of the Land court). If you need it, we can provide you this service.

What kind of translated documents have to be certified?

Certified translations are necessary for official and legal purposes, be it domestic or abroad. Almost every translation of divorce judgments and birth certificates, commercial register extracts, corporate contracts, balance sheets has to be certified by the translator. In the commercial field, a certified translation will be needed for instance when a new firm is being established or by a take over. In the private field the documents needed for a marriage are that way official.

Every official registered document, like for example translations of birth documents, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, adoptions certificates, diplomas, certificates of good conduct, insurance certificates, medical certificate, official certificates, driver licenses, contracts and other documents for which authorities demand a certified translation and represented an document translation.

How can you make certify a translation?

You send us your original documents or your certified duplicates per post or per fax, or you bring them to us personally. If you send us your document per fax or per scan, you have to have, according to the law, the original document in your possession. Then the translation of the documents can be carried out and they can be certified by the sworn translator. The certification of the document translation is carried out by the translator itself when he affixed his signature and his seal with his swear mentions on the document.
A notary or a lawyer is not necessary at this end.

How much does a certified translation cost?

Unfortunately it is not easy to answer this question since we translate documents from every main language and of various lengths, various readability and different according other criteria: Moreover a divorce certificate can for instance be essentially longer than the sum up form of a birth certificate.
You can send us right now your scanned document per mail or per fax and we contact you forthwith to propose you a quote per mail, fax or by phone.