The translation and interpretation agency Rushiti has in its wide network of collaborators a lot of sworn translators and interpreters.

When marriage contracts or bills of sales with foreign contracting parties need to be sworn or notarized, when a person without sufficient German knowledge is implied in a legal process as complainant, witness or defendant, it is very important that thanks to the sworn interpreter no communication problems occurs. Indeed no party wants to have legal consequences because of a lack of language skills.

The sworn interpreter gets to know during the process a lot of sensitive and precise information that need of course to remain confidential. The sworn interpreters sign to this end a declaration of commitment about the official employment of non civil servant.

Before each sworn interpretation at a court the sworn interpreter refers to his own swear. When no sworn translator is available at a definite time and for a definite language, the judge can decide to engage a interpreter that is not sworn and who is going to be by the judge just for the corresponding audience.

In such cases we are every time available for you as sworn and certified interpreters.

Sworn and certified interpreters do not only own perfect language skills: they are also competent in legal, lawyer and administration processes, uses and termini.

Where is a sworn interpreter required?

Sworn interpreters work for:
- trials
- public prosecutor’s office
- police
- Bundespolizei (national German police)
- criminal investigation departments of the Land
- criminal investigation federal department
- notaries
- lawyers
- private clients

The sworn interpreters work also for private clients. For instance, the marriage contracts or the interpretation of marriage licenses, the divorce cases when one of the spouses do not have sufficient German knowledge, all that belong to the daily work of interpreters. Private clients employ sworn translator translators e.g for notarized translations (House sell, marriage contract)